December 15, 2018


Thanks for your interest in what I’m doing! I’m looking for a few things.

  1. Venue sponsors (See below)
  2. Companies that are interested in sending employees for training
  3. Sponsors for the events
  4. Non-profits to work with

If any of these are you, contact me below. I’ll be happy to get back to you with any questions you may have and discuss how we can work together!


Stage Sponsor – $250

There will be one stage sponsor per event. You will get a 5 minute slot to speak at the event and tell about their business and community involvement. The funds will communicate how you care about the community and the development of business in the area. Your company will get 3 tickets to the event in exchange for sponsoring.

April – 1 Available

Venue Sponsor – $250+

This sponsor helps to cover the cost to put on the actual event. The investment of this will vary depending on the size of the event being put on as well as the venue in which it’s being held. You will get a few minutes to speak about your company. You will also get 2 seats to fill how you wish.

February – Burleson Recreation Center
March – Burleson Recreation Center
April – Burleson Recreation Center

Break sponsor – Snacks/drinks

This sponsor will provide drinks/snacks for attendees. If possible, please provide these free for attendees. The major benefit here is the opportunity to serve people that may never have tried your products before and is a captive audience for this event. We suggest you keep it simple and easy to eat/drink as there will not be much time or place to sit down and have a full meal.

I will mention you from the stage along with your business name and where you’re located. And of course, you are free to pass out business cards, future coupons or something simple that pertains to future business for you. Break sponsor will get 2 tickets to the event in exchange for sponsorship.

February – Marco’s Pizza (Burleson Location)
March – Lone Star Insurance
April – Peoplefund

Community Sponsor – ??

If you wish to sponsor tickets for someone to attend, you may do so by purchasing however many you wish and noting in the “special notes” section that you are donating them. I will then post and email out to my contact list how many are available. Thank you for your involvement in building our community!