What it is and how it works.

I provide professional level training programs on various employee development topics for small businesses. And I do it through crowdfunding so each business, no matter how small, can now afford to send their employees to ongoing training.

Just find an event and send as few or as many employees as you want. When the event is funded, the show goes on!

On top of that, I work with a local non-profit for each event and all additional ticket sales will go directly to them!

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In the past, employee training was only accessible to big companies. Now, that barrier is gone. And the answer is not online.

It’s local. Right in your backyard.

How it works:
Crowdfunding + Non-profit

A specific amount is set to fund an event. Then, a non-profit is partnered with and, as multiple businesses fund the event, all money that exceeds the initial amount are donated straight to that non-profit.

That’s it.

I train. Your business grows. Everyone wins.
It's that simple.

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So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to get your employees trained so your company can grow into the one it’s supposed to be.